BIDI® Pouch
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The BIDI® Pouch is the newest addition to the BIDI® Product lineup. Our BIDI® Pouch allows customers to enjoy nicotine without the smoke. It’s the closest option to fully transitioning to a cigarette-free life, especially that our BIDI® Pouch is free from contaminants found in tobacco. Each pouch contains potent, tobacco-free nicotine.
The BIDI® Pouch is for oral consumption, however, it is not for chewing or swallowing. Users have various ways of enjoying nicotine pouches orally. For the BIDI® Pouch, we guarantee consistent delivery of nicotine in every pack.

Each pouch is for single use only. We recommend you use a new pouch every time.

The pouch can last for at least 30 minutes on your gum.

BIDI® Pouch is intended for oral consumption without swallowing the pouch. It is not digestible. If swallowed, consult a medical professional immediately.