What Is a Nicotine Pouch?

Have you heard of the modern way to consume nicotine? Here’s what you need to know about nicotine pouches and how it differs from other smokeless tobacco products.

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Nicotine pouches are part of an entire group of tobacco products that adult smokers or vape users can consume without combustion. Smokeless tobacco products have long been an option for consumers who do not want the smell of smoke or cannot consume tobacco through smoking. 

Nicotine pouches are small white, portioned packages that contain nicotine synthesized from tobacco leaf or manufactured, processed, synthetic nicotine. They do not have any trace of tobacco leaf or any part of the plant.

Nicotine pouches are comparable to snus in terms of packaging and method of use. Their main difference is that nicotine pouches, unlike snus, do not contain tobacco at all. Compared to other chewing tobacco, nicotine pouch users do not need to spit since it is packed in a small pouch. 

The pouch is usually placed under the upper lip and between the gum. Nicotine is released gradually while the pouch is in the mouth. Once finished, or the taste has gone, you need to dispose of it in the trash. Most nicotine pouch brands come with small storage in their tin cans for disposing of used nicotine pouches.

How Are Nicotine Pouches Manufactured?

The first mention of nicotine pouches in history was in the 1800s. It was when Swedish farmers discovered that they could mix tobacco leaf, salt, and water. As time went on, the farmers started putting them into little pouches, similar to what the modern nicotine pouch looks like today. 

Since then, advances in nicotine synthesis have evolved to the point of producing pure and cleaner nicotine. Modern nicotine pouches often use synthetic nicotine, which is more economical for both the manufacturer and the consumers.

Nicotine pouches consist of salt, water, and food-grade fillers. The nicotine content on nicotine pouches is either derived from tobacco or synthetic nicotine. Depending on the brand and your preference, the nicotine content could vary widely. Simultaneously, some brands could have two mg of nicotine to others containing upwards of eight mg or even higher. 

Who Are Nicotine Pouches For?

Nicotine pouches are primarily advertised as smoking cessation products or smoking alternative tobacco-free products. Although, some people who have never smoked before and have taken up nicotine consumption have also been reported to prefer nicotine pouches due to their availability and ease of use. 

Nicotine pouches could ease the struggle of nicotine withdrawal and eventually help patients get through their transition as non-smokers. 

Alternatively, nicotine pouches are also used by consumers that are not fond of the burnt odor that comes with smoking. This product provides the same or even more to fulfill their nicotine dependence without the unpleasant smell traditionally associated with combustible tobacco. 

Environmental Impact of Nicotine Pouches

Besides the apparent lack of smoke, which contributes to poor air quality, nicotine pouches are more environmentally-friendly. Since this product uses mostly synthetic nicotine, its production saves up farmland and avoids mono-culturing.

As what has been happening with the tobacco farming industry for generations, monocultures are the number one culprit to reducing natural minerals in our soil. By planting one crop on a single part of land instead of the biological diversity it should have, the ground does not get re-invigorated naturally. It also does not lose its vibrance over time because of erosion and the lack of organic materials to absorb. 

Synthetic nicotine is made with natural starters without ever needing any part of the tobacco plant. This negates the need for and dependency on tobacco farming. Leaving the soil untouched and the environment less burdened. 

Modern processes to synthesize nicotine has also produced cleaner and purer product for consumers. 

The Game-Changing BIDI® Pouch

The BIDI® Pouch is an innovation towards a smokeless future. It is meant to provide the same nicotine delivery as other ENDS products but without the traditional nicotine impurities. For the uninitiated, you can place the BIDI® Pouch between your lip and gum. Remember that this product does not contain any tobacco trace, making it discreet and ready-to-use anytime, anywhere. 

With six flavor variants, each packet contains natural fibers, chew-base fillers, and flavorings. And much like all Bidi Vapor products, the BIDI® Pouch puts the customer and the environment in the utmost regard. 

While the BIDI® Pouch is a new product in the market, we take pride in creating this on-the-go and game-changing product. We took our game to the next level and pushed our limits to define a real nicotine experience.

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