Youth Access Prevention Program

BIDI®️ Youth Access Prevention Program

BIDI®️ Youth Access Prevention Program

Bidi Vapor developed the BIDI®️ Pouch to provide a satisfying premium nicotine delivery system for adult consumers only. We ensure that our products do not appeal to individuals under the age of 21. The packaging, labeling, flavor names, and marketing strategies of the BIDI®️ Pouch are entirely adult-centered.

Bidi Vapor, with the intention to prohibit minors from using BIDI®️ Pouch, created comprehensive measures to demonstrate its youth prevention efforts.

Age-Checker.Net BIDI®️ Vapor acquired the services of to check the information provided by the customer. This ensures that all shoppers of the BIDI®️ Pouch are of legal age before they can proceed to make the purchase.
Government-issued ID Requirements Online or in-store sales require the customers to show a government-issued identification card when purchasing the BIDI®️ Pouch.
24-Hour After-Call Purchase Verification Upon purchasing the BIDI®️ Pouch, the customer should expect a call within 24 hours from our customer service representative after making the transaction. This procedure is necessary to confirm age and identity further.

Age-Gate Upon Entry

Bidi Vapor stands firmly against underage access and has installed an age-gate upon entry of our websites to safeguard against underage procurement of the BIDI® Pouch.

Identification and Age Verification Upon Delivery

The identity and age verification does not stop once the online purchase has been confirmed. Upon delivery, the recipient is required to present a valid identification card to check their identity and age.

Direct Retailer & Wholesaler Agreement

Bidi Vapor’s retail partners are required to sign an agreement set by the Bidi Vapor to restrict individuals under the age of 21 from purchasing BIDI®️ Pouch. As an official distributor of the BIDI®️ Pouch, it is their responsibility to ask customers for a government-issued ID before making a sale.